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It's About Time

Every organization has different time and attendance needs.

That’s why there’s EmpowerTime™, an enterprise solution that automates the collection, calculation and reporting of accurate employee work transactions, and custom-tailors it to meet the unique needs of your business. Responsible for accurately calculating time for 20 million paychecks annually, thousands of businesses rely on EmpowerTime to enhance the performance of employees, managers, and overall operations.

Using an online configuration tool, EmpowerTime provides centralized, comprehensive, and flexible options to reflect your specific rules and requirements including meals and breaks, rounding, paid-time-off, holiday calendar, work week definition, and more. Available as a web-based solution, EmpowerTime includes a vast array of rule configurations, scheduling and history utilities,electronic approvals, and over 60 standard reports.


Track your employees’ time and use your labor rules and policies to automatically calculate hours to be paid. EmpowerTime collects work transaction data from a variety of devices including swipe time clocks, biometric time clocks, web-based entry,phone-based entry (IVR), and PDA-based entry. With a well-rounded selection of data collection products, EmpowerTime is a solution for every type of work environment, and easily interfaces with the EmpowerPay™ payroll system.

-Review and Edit Employee Data

Time card editing screens provide unprecedented flexibility for the review and editing of employee work transaction data. Each authorized user can choose from a list of user-defined views, which are configured from an extensive list of options and settings. These views can include detailed information on employee work transactions, job and locations assignments, rule exceptions, special pay codes, pay category assignments, schedules, benefit bank balances, adjustments, e ective dates and more.

-Employee Self-Service

The self-service module empowers your employees to enter time as punches or hours, perform store/department/job transfers and view timecards and schedules for selected past, current and future weeks. Employees also have the ability to view paidtime-off balances and make future requests.

-A Maximized Return on Investment

We enhance the value of our solutions with professional implementation, project management, and customer care services that help customers maximize their return on investment. Certified support technicians, online remote diagnostics, best practice recommendations, and quality assurance follow-ups ensure that every EmpowerTime solution delivers the value you expect.

-Management Views

Specially designed screens allow supervisors to “manage by exception.” This simple and definable interface identi es time and attendance exceptions that require action and provides a sort list of each assigned employee, their up-to-date hours, exception information, and other valuable data such as overtime and accurate costs.

-Handle Complex Transactions

The EmpowerTime rules calculation engine is uniquely designed to handle the most complex pay policies and union and work rule configurations, including meal/break, overtime, shift premiums, holidays, “outside of schedule” incidences and paid time off. Because we understand the need to prepare thousands of employee time records for payroll in a short period of time, our calculation engine is designed to scale easily.

-Robust Calculation Engine

EmpowerTime calculates paid, unpaid and special code hours, wages and exceptions for both punched and scheduled time. The highly  exible calculation engine uses an entirely new concept of rule-based time and attendance. Unlimited pay rule types may be combined to provide a comprehensive set of time and attendance rule set that fits many different situations across the entire enterprise. EmpowerTime supports labor distribution, location, and job transfer capabilities, and adheres to the myriad of minor rule compliance requirements as dictated by states and school districts across the United States. The punch editing page displays hours, wages by department, job, special codes, holidays and exceptions.